Reidar Lund

Thank you for a very good service when I needed a new plastic attachment.

I have an English setter, Ludo, who will be five years this summer. Before I got my Springer I exercised my dogs by riding a bike and holding the leash in my hand. It is usually ok, but in reality a risk both for me, my dog, and others. Bad balance with just one hand on the handlebar and a strong dog in the other.

I got my Springer from my kids to Lydo. Its a whole new world. The force from the dog is almost none and I have both hands on the handlebar. Full control, and very comfortable. Ludo is very happy and stands next to the bike once I’ve put the harness on him. Springer is easy to mount. A solid and brilliant product. I recommend this to anyone with a dog.

Thanks again for excellent service.

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Frode Dahl

My name is Frode Dahl and I want to give you some praise for Springer. I have used Springer for 17 years, first just with one dog. As the years had passed some dogs have come here for relocation and I have bought some. These are Pontere and Vorsteh. Today I have 8 to exercise and it takes time. I started tying two dogs to the same springer and found that this was just as good as cycling with one. When I also discovered the adapter everything got much easier. With the help of this product I was able to exercise four dogs at once. My weight is 60kg and I have full control of the bicycle and dogs, no matter the size.

I also do hunting and trekking, and it would not be possible without springer.

Thanks for a great product with incredible quality. (My first Springer is still in use after 17 years).

Inger Handegård

I got my first dog in 1974. Since the I have cycled with my dogs. First with a leash in my hand. In 1984 this went bad. I was riding with two dogs in one leash, they jumped in front of the bike to scare a flock of starlings sitting on the other side of the ditch. I flew over the handlebars and landed with a crash. Fortunately it was a dirt road so I got away with scrubs. After this I was more skeptical to ride with the dogs.

syklist med hunder

But in 1987 Springer landed on the market and I was probably one of the first to get it. It was like a new world. Now I could easily ride with my dogs and have full control over both the dogs and the bike. However I removed the plastic rings for the safety trigger. Where I live there aren’t any bike paths so I have to cycle a lot on the road. I can’t take the risk to have a loose dog. Now I use a regular carabiner hook that I attach to a wide soft collar. Since I often ride with two dogs, I have also put a swivel at the top of the mount, so that I can ride with two dogs without the leashes tethering together. I keep one leash a little longer, so the dogs come side to side with me.

I sometimes ride with 3 dogs. Then I usually have to stop from time to time and prevent leashes of tying together. I have English sprinter spaniels, the usually weight around 20-22 kg. So I ride with around 60kg and 12 legs. But despite the traction I have complete control. Just remember to sit down, don’t try to get of the bike.

However I prefer an old fashioned, heavy women’s bike where I have a footbrake in addition to a handbrake. I have met both exuberant cats and dogs that suddenly runs across the road, without having a single accident. So the equipment really works. I have only changed Springer once, and that was because I got a new bike and my kid took over the old Springer. So i can say with good conscience that the bike gets worn out faster than the Springer.

I had a disease causing a loss of balance, I was a bit worried how it would effect my biking. But it still works perfectly well. The dogs love when I pick up the bike, so I usually have to hold on tight and stand on the brake when we ride out of our gate. I also sometimes bring the bicycle on my car and explore new roads.

Cycling with my dogs is now both safe and comfortable. In fact, I don’t think anyone should ride with dogs holding the leash, I for one knows how fast things can go wrong.